The founders of iRideHome recognize that many adults enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages away from home. We believe they should be able to do so without the risks and potentially dire consequences associated with drunk driving. There are numerous alternatives to drunk driving, but they are not always readily available or considered by people who have been drinking.

iRideHome and our iRideHome App solve this problem by connecting adult beverage consumers with sober ride programs at the touch of a button. In seconds, an iRideHome user can locate a local sober ride program, place a call, and arrange for safe transportation home.

iRideHome is not associated with and does not promote any specific sober or safe ride home service providers. Our goal is for them all to succeed!

iRideHome is interested in working with local service providers, the adult beverage community, entertainment venues, and local, state, and federal governments to promote sober and safe ride programs.