iRideHome is on a mission to get you and your friends a sober ride home after a night out. Together, we can promote responsible drinking behavior and put an end to drunk driving.

Many adults enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages at their favorite bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues without consideration as to how they're going to get home afterwards. There are alternatives, including paying for a taxi ride. But the costs of a cab or the inconvenience of planning ahead may cause some to make the wrong decision - driving while intoxicated. iRideHome's cell phone application solves this problem and eliminates the excuses. At the touch of a button, the iRideHome Mobile App generates a list of sober ride programs available in your area. And with one more click, a call is placed to a local provider. It's that easy.

With the iRideHome Mobile App, you're just seconds away from having a sober driver who will pick you up and take you home. No planning required. We've done the work to keep you and others safe!

iRideHome works with local service providers as well as the beverage community to promote sober ride programs. Want to get involved?